Magna Earthquake March 18. 2020
I wasn’t here. When I was told about the 5.7 earthquake centered in Magna, from growing up in California, I knew that was a good shaker, but not structure leveling or cracks in the earth to swallow you up. From what I heard no one was hurt by falling objects. I did know there would be aftershocks. Most are usually less than the first big one.
As many of you know, my shop was already closed. I went to help my parents move back into their house after having some construction done. It was also my Dad’s 96th birthday. In the meantime, the COVID-19 hit. After visiting with them for a week at an assisted-living facility, I was kicked out. Protocol prevented any family members from coming into the facility. Since I couldn’t visit them and it was unknown how long this protocol would last, I decided to stay and help organize their house for their return. The airlines were very helpful in waiving the flight change fees. After 2 weeks, with no definite end to this COVID-19 pandemic (and I was missing my husband), I decided to return to Magna until such time it is safe for my parents to return to their house and I could help them.
I asked my husband to check our house and our shop on Magna Main Street on the day of the earthquake. He was pretty shaken, pun intended. Other than some breakage from things falling and a sticky mess from some of my syrup flavor bottles tipping over, everything looked fine, thank God.
He took lots of pictures of our shop, closed and locked the door. He left everything ‘as is’. Apparently the County quickly went through and placed yellow and red tags on all the buildings along Historic Magna Main Street. Our space was inspected by a general contractor who was familiar with our site before and after the earthquake. When we weren’t sure if a crack was new or old, we compared it to pictures we had taken prior to the earthquake. Only one superficial new crack was found on the inside west wall near the top through the old plaster. We reported as such. My husband followed instructions on-line and the contractor had the report submitted to the Greater Salt Lake Municipal Service District Chief Building Official Panning and Development Services.
That was two weeks ago. With some back and forth with the MSD, as of this date, it is still unknown when our building will be ‘green’ tagged for occupancy. Because of this COVID-19 we cannot let customers in the building anyway. This is also unknown when it will be safe to open business as usual again.
Since I had already given my pre-packaged snacks to Magna Facts (a couple doors down), it left only my whole bean coffees in the shop. Since the brewer and grinder still worked, I thought I could provide hot coffee curbside to the community.
I checked with the County Health Department about curbside service. I was planning to wear gloves and a mask. I would use only to-go cups with lids and baggies for creamer, sugar, napkin and stirrer. They required a second person to handle the money or exact change in a jar would be acceptable.
Since I was running into so many conditions and already closed, had minimized my overhead and had no employees for the required second person, I decided to provide free coffee curbside until the supplies run out. Even if the buildings were ‘green’ tagged tomorrow, customers still couldn’t enter.
Social distancing protocol would be required. I would wear gloves and a mask. People could not hang out, to-go only. I would have limited morning hours (for commuters and those still working and our wonderful dog walkers).
It is the best I can do for this community that I call home.
Hang in there.
April 9, 2020 12:30 and 2:34 pm
OMG, now we just got the BOIL WATER order from the Magna Water District. I just got a message from both the Magna Chamber and the County Health Department!
Somebody is trying to tell me not to open!  Until further notice everybody take care.
Below are some pictures from the interior showing some broken/fallen things. In reality, I was more impressed by what didn’t fall or break.



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