The Fountain will continue to be closed. Sorry to all my friends. In light of the medical advice for this novel corona virus and increased exposure rates I will remain closed. I was trying to figure out how to safely serve my customers with social distancing, limited customer count, no-contact service, etc.
I intended to fill and serve the fresh ground coffee in to-go cups (no more ceramic mugs or self-serve, or relaxing to the sound of water).
Since the building was already closed, it will remain so. I had planned to make a few updates anyway. This way I won’t inconvenience the customers with construction dust and noise.
If Fridays are nice weather, I will be handing out free coffee for limited hours outside the front door. Between this COVID-19 and our earthquake on March 18 we have all struggled. Come by and say Hello and enjoy a cup to-go. You deserve it!


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